How to install and join Mooga's Mumble Server

What is Mumble? Why Mumble?
Mumble is a 100% free VoIP program similar to Ventrilo and Teamspeak.  Unlike those two programs, both the server and client are free.
Mumble also has much higher voice quality then Ventrilo.  Mumble also has a built-in overlay that many users enjoy.
Since Mumble is open source, it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to Install Mumble
Go to Mumble's Official Sourceforge Page and download the current stable.
Once downloaded, run the installer with the default settings.
Once the program is installed, run Mumble (NOT the Backwards Compatible version).
Make sure you run the Setup Wizard.  This will fix many of the problems some people experience.

Setting up Push-to-Talk (ptt)
While Mumble has great voice activation, it is often preferred to configure Push-to-Talk.
Go to Configure --> Settings.
Check the Advanced checkbox in the lower left corner.
Under Audio Input --> Transmission set Transmit to Push To Talk.
On the left side, switch to Shortcuts.
Click Add on the bottom.
Under Function set it to Push-to-Talk.
Press Shortcut and then the button you would like to use.  You can configure multiple ptt buttons this way.

Join the Server
Now for the easy part.
Go to Server --> Connect.
Click the Add New... button and use the following information:
Servername: Mooga Mumbles
Port: 64738
Username: [Your Username Here]
Mooga Mumbles will now show up under your favorites.
Double Click on it to connect.

Common Problems

I can't hear anyone!
If you are using Push-to-Talk, press your ptt button once.  This will activate the program.
If you are not using Push-to-Talk, simply talk until the program picks up.
If you do not have a mic, but would like to listen, set up a Push-to-Talk button anyways and push it once.

When I use Mumble, other programs tend to crash or not run.
This may be because of the overlay.
Go to Configure --> Settings
On the left side, switch to Overlay.
Uncheck Enable Overlay

It says my username is used or is asking for a password for my username.
This is likely because you are joining from a different computer then normal and the server has a your main certificate tied to your name.
If this is a temporary change in computer, use a different name in the meantime.
If you plan on switching to that computer you can either move over your existing Mumble Certificate or ask Mooga to remove your stored Cert.

Notes About This Page
This page was writen to give users basic information on how to install Mumble and join this server.  While images may be added to the future, there are currently no plans for this.  Information may be slightly outdated.  If you see anything that should be changed, talk to Mooga.